Hi, I'm Christy :)


Hey there gorgeous! 

You are an incredible, conscious, loving mama but there's even more available for you, your family and your purpose

It's time to create a life of balance, beauty and authentic joy now! Because you are ready to become....


I'm here to support you in implementing holistic practices and rituals into your busy schedule so that you can thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

I'll admit that things started out a bit of a mess for me..... but the good news is that can actually be a fertile ground for magic and beauty. I used to put my desire for everyone ELSE to "be ok" first while sacrificing my authentic self and thinking that my next achievement would bring me fulfillment. I was constantly searching for the thing that would make me feel complete....academics, athletics, travel, skydiving, moving cross country multiple times, and the list goes on. Looking back I realized I was digging 100s of 1 foot holes in search of my true happiness, that is, until I found yoga......

Yoga teacher training allowed me to finally begin digging my single 100 foot hole to authentic joy! It also opened the doorway to multiple trainings in qigong, astrology, priestess tradition and tantra which unlocked the power of living from my balanced center. Check out all my certifications and trainings here.

But as a new mother and experiencing post-partum anxiety I became disconnected from the clarity these experiences and trainings brought me. I began to disconnect from my body and go into my mind in search of answers, which led me to experiencing a panic attack when my child was just 10 months old. This event became the catalyst for me to integrate all of the timeless wisdom trainings into my life as a mother. 

This is when I began to lean back into this inner wisdom and I created a unique set of wellness practices based on the 5 elements that bring me back to my center.

This unique set of practices now support me in radiating a contagious beauty and joy that not only brings authentic fulfillment to me but to my family too!

I am now committed to supporting stressed or disconnected women and mothers in feeling empowered and connected to her intuitive center again so she may magnify the light of her soul, illuminate her inner beauty, and reflect her radiance onto the world at large while thriving in her soul purpose. 


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A Few Fun Facts About Me:

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  • I’ve logged over 20 solo jumps skydiving out of a perfectly good airplane :)
  • I’ve trekked through 8 European countries in 3 weeks with a backpack, 3 friends, limited funds, no agenda, and lots of fun!
  • I’m a 7w6 on the enneagram - The Enthusiast
  • I’m a Libra Sun (cusp Virgo), Pisces Rising & Gemini Moon
  • My #1 passion is Beauty in the World
  • I am a co-author of 2 rehabilitation books for attention and memory for speech-lanugage pathologist
  • I have a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology & worked in the field of rehabilitation for 7 years
  • I’ve been teaching yoga for about a decade and I’ve taught in a variety of ways: leading yoga teacher trainings, teaching to professional athletes, online yoga & meditation classes, destination retreats, and more. 
  • I’ve played soccer since the age of 4 through college (James Madison University, Division 1)
  • I ran 1 marathon and met my sub 4 hour personal goal, bucket list
  • Lake Tahoe is my happy place (Mountains, Trees, Water, Fresh Air & Sunshine) and where I got married to my best friend and grounding force
  • I auditioned and signed contracts for being a contestant on The Bachelor (season 3) and then declined the opportunity so I could travel instead, I think I made a good choice ;) - Either way, I’m up for adventure!
  • Acts of service and quality time are my love languages
  • I grew up in Northern Virginia and now I live in Northern California
  • I was vegetarian/vegan for 17 years until my body demanded meat again after my India health crisis/initiation - now I only eat the cleanest, healthiest forms of meats, foods, supplements, water, etc.
  • I’ve walked the ley lines and drank from the chalice wells of Avalon in Glastonbury, pilgrimaged through the temples of south India and been initiated by the goddess of Meenakshi
  • I’m a mother of a toddler boy who continues to grow me in powerful ways
  • My birth story was unlike anything I could have imagined and everything i needed to begin my journey into motherhood
  • The best road trip I’ve experienced was traveling by car from San Diego, CA to/from Alaska, and camping out along the way, spending time in Denali National Park with all the wildlife, and immersing myself in Nature
  • My favorite Sanskrit word is Lila (“lee-lah”) which translates to Divine Play … enjoying something for its own sake … may all of life be our most joyful play!
  • I’m constantly learning (from within and out) ... for the lila of it!