Everyday Alchemy through the 5 Elements

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Daring to see the world and ourselves as whole and complete ultimately creates a relaxed, peaceful way of living. When we are connected to this relaxed state of being we become open to how our energy authentically wants to flow. This flow of inspired action comes from the joy that is revealed through the unique expression and expansion of our authentic center. Our center is that inner most core of ourself, our highest self or truest self. When we connect to this peaceful center we remember that nothing is broken or needs fixing, rather everything is working harmoniously, in perfect balance, including ourselves. As life unfolds and our energy gets pulled off center by fears, beliefs, emotions, judgments, and so on, we then have the opportunity to learn and grow from these temporary limited perspectives. Throughout daily life we can practice tuning into our body wisdom to guide us away from fear based reactivity and into joyful action that arises from our center.

As we bring awareness to the elemental flows in our daily life as well as the empowering self-balancing processes below, we become alchemists for our own lives and create harmonious relationships with those around us. To work alchemically with the elements means tuning into the present moment and becoming aware of which element is excessive or deficient and knowing which element to call forward to bring balance to the environment. The elements are fundamental to all of life. When are living our life in harmony with our center through the elements, our life gets easier, more loving, and we are receptive to the peace, presence and magic of everyday life.

Earth Alchemy

Explore the Earth element when feeling overwhelmed or overly emotional. The Earth element is the anecdote when we are in autopilot and disconnect from our body or highly sensitive and not feeling centered and calm. Earth energy restores the physical body. Grounding into Earth energy amplifies a more authentic version of ourselves. With just a few moments of grounding into our body we become more productive by being aware of the tasks that are truly requiring our attention in the moment.

Earth Alchemy Practice: Lay awake in stillness (outside on the Earth or indoors on the floor or bed) with no distractions for 5 minutes. Allow your body to let go into the ground below. Feel your body held and supported. Repeat the affirmation 5 times or more.

Earth Affirmation: "Peace in my body." 

Water Alchemy

Explore the Water element when feeling too rigid and controlling. The Water element is the anecdote when we are neglecting our own needs and desires. Water reminds us how to feel into all of life, to go with the flow, and to follow our own inner rhythm. When we ride the wave of life without trying to control the outcomes, then we become more receptive and life becomes more pleasurable. A few moments immersed in the Water element reconnects us to the depth of wisdom available within our sacred bodies.

Water Alchemy Practice: Get into water (natural body of water, bath or shower). Allow yourself to receive the water without agenda. Feel the water on your skin. Feel into your emotions. What needs to soften or be released? Let go into the purification of water.

Water Affirmation: "It is safe for me to feel and listen deeply."

Fire Alchemy

Explore the Fire element when feeling strong emotions or withdrawn. The Fire element is the anecdote when we become content serving those around us but not extending the same efforts for our own wellbeing. Fire stimulates our passions and fuels us to courageously take action in the direction of personal growth and transformation. When we step into the Fire element we shed that which is no longer serving and become purposeful with our actions in a way that inspires ourselves and those around us.

Fire Alchemy Practice: Step into your heart fire. Do you make time for your passions? What does your heart long for yet continues to be put on hold. Dare to take action on one area of life that you are ready to claim for you. Make 'you time' a priority. 

Fire Affirmation: "I stand in my truth."

Air Alchemy

Explore the Air element when feeling overly competitive or closed-minded. The Air element is the anecdote when we become rigid in our belief systems and think we know what is “right”. When we value having our freedom of opinions and preferences then it is the Air element that also allows others to enjoy their freedom too. The Air element is social, inclusive and seeks harmony among the collective. The Air element is skilled at communicating and listening while creating resonance within a group. When we step into our Air energy our creativity comes alive and life becomes more joyful.

Air Alchemy Practice: Get creative here and now. Dive in, there is no "right way." Look around, how can your creativity flow through you? Start writing with your non-dominant hand, draw shapes without a goal and see what you create, play with your child's toys (play doh, blocks, crayons, etc), become aware of the "negative" space around you, etc. Be open to new ways of exploring life.

Air Affirmation: "Creativity is my birthright.

Ether Alchemy

Explore the Ether element when feeling spiritually disconnected, overly analytical or ungrounded. The Ether element is the anecdote when we are taking life too seriously and becoming overwhelmed with daily life. Ether energy opens up our mind, connects us to our body wisdom and uplifts our spirit. The Ether element is the unseen support above, below, around and within. Ether energy is the birthplace of magic and miracles. When we remember the Ether element within we remember the oneness and connection to all. Our embodied Ether element remembers the perfect balance and harmony available in each present moment where we return back to our relaxed, peaceful center.

Ether Alchemy Exercise: Take yourself on a weekly play date. Carve out time for you to play and be with yourself in any way that feels true and uplifting. Visit a museum, swing at the park, go for a nature walk (allowing your inner compass to lead the way), write a letter to a friend, etc. Follow your bliss and enjoy.  

Ether Affirmation: "I am open to the joyful wisdom within."

We are all made up of these 5 elements yet we tend to resonate more with certain elements than others. The elements are fundamental and essential to all of life. For this reason, I lovingly created The Embodied Mama program which is a guided 5 week self-care journey that supports women in deepening connection with these elements for greater harmony and purposeful action in everyday life. Learn more about the Embodied Mama program here.