EMF Awareness & Solutions for New Moms

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There is an emerging conversation in the conscious communities about the effects of the electromagnetic field (EMF) that are emitted from the center of our body as researched and explained by the HeartMath Institude. Additionally, science has explained why we feel good when we spend time in Nature and how naturally occuring and healing EMFs are emitted from many places in Nature. However, another form EMF to be aware of are the harmful EMFs emitted by electronics in our daily environment. This blog is full of resources to empower a new mom or anyone looking to make a change with their relationship to electronics and to improve overall health and wellbeing for oneself and those around. 

Our bodies have a naturally occurring electromagnetic field that effects our environment whether we are aware of it or not. Our EMF originates and radiates from the heart, our magnetic center. The heart radiates our thoughts and emotions out onto those around us and can directly influence the mood, attitude, feelings as well as the electromagnetic field of others. The EMF we emit onto others is largely unconscious, however through awareness and intention we can co-create with our environment to contribute in a more heart-centered way. As a new mom, we can remember to be connected to our center when we are caring for our child. When we embody a calm, loving presence, then we are sharing that energetic vibration with our loved ones. Staying connected to our breath, grounding our emotions, and monitoring our thoughts will benefit not only our own wellbeing, but will directly support the wellbeing of your young one and those around you and within your field. 

Likewise, EMFs exists in the natural world and provide an opportunity for our bodies to heal and find balance when we take the time to get outdoors or bring the elements of nature into our home and space. When we are feeling states of stress, overwhelm, or out of balance we are generating a positive ion electromagnetic field which is emitted out into our environment and effecting the EMF of those around us in a similar way. When we emit positive ions, like the energetic vibration of stress and anxiety, then we are simultaneously magnetizing and requesting more of that energy into our environment through our electromagnetic field. Therefore, returning to Nature is a quick and efficient way of restoring our natural state of balance and wellbeing. Nature is largely emitting negative ions which balance and neutralize our stressed/positive ion bodies and states. Taking the time to walk barefoot, visit flowing water, take a shower, lay on the earth, bask in the sun or moon light, rest against a tree, witness the beauty of the flowers, move our body intentionally (ie, yoga or qigong), meditate, etc. is all great for plugging back into our healthy balanced center. When we take this time to balance our own field we benefit those around us and support the feeling of calm and joy in our loved ones as well. 

Conversely, technology and electronics also emit an electromagnetic field which is artificial, more intense, and a cause for much health concern and risk. Strong, artificial EMFs and ongoing, layered exposure can interfere with the natural rhythms of our body affecting sleep, stress and anxiety as well as causing damage at the cellular and DNA levels of our bodies. The science is out there regarding EMF exposure being detrimental to our beautiful bodies at all ages, adult, children and babies. Regarding children and babies, their bones are thinner providing less shielding for the developing brain as well as their bodies being more vulnerable to errors in the DNA replication process. Review this article from another “mama” for more information on the effects of EMF in children: 5 Facts Every Parent Should Know About EMFs. We all know intuitively and or consciously that too much harmful EMF exposure is not a good thing at any age, so I will briefly highlight typical exposure risks then move onto simple solutions. 

Common sources of harmful EMF exposure:

  • Cell phones/Smart phones
  • Computers, laptops, ipads/tablets
  • Electrical appliances (baby monitors, nest thermostat, refrigerator, TV’s, etc)
  • Routers, WiFi, modems
  • Smart Meters

Simple solutions for reducing the harmful EMF exposure and effects for mama and child.

Cell phones/Smart phones

  • Keep your phone in airplane mode when your child is holding your phone and when you are sleeping at night (especially if you sleep with your phone near your bed)
  • Use speaker phone when possible verses holding the phone to your head
  • Hold the phone for your child when using speaker phone, video chat or Facetime
  • Turn your bluetooth signal off when not in use (iPhones automatically have bluetooth feature on unless you manually turn it off)
  • Disconnect bluetooth while driving especially when your child is in the car
  • Text instead of calling when appropriate, as texting has less EMF exposure
  • Use wired headphones over bluetooth headsets, and consider airtube headsets as the safest alternative
  • Enjoy sacred times with your baby (naps, breastfeeding, etc) as technology free times. If you have your phone nearby, then keep it far away from baby's head. 
  • Keep your cell phone off of your bare skin whenever possible!

Product recommendations:

  • EMF balancer - devices that are said to neutralize harmful EMFs from cell phones
  • Pop Socket - to prop your phone up and be hands free when watching videos etc.
  • Air tube headset - essentially radiation free headset alternative

Computers, Laptops, iPads, Tablets:

  • Keep these devices away from young children's reproductive organs (and adults too) as there are links to reduction in fertility.
  • Keep these devices on a table and off of laps while in use
  • Limit screen time. Create a rhythm and schedule for your children to use these devices and educate them on how to use them safely
  • Pregnant woman would want to consider avoiding use of these devices near her womb and growing baby
  • Keep shungite crystals or scalar energy devices nearby to reduce the EMF effects
  • Properly hard wire these devices to reduce harmful EMF exposure

Product Recommendations:

  • Shungite crystals - place around laptops or wear/carry with you when traveling on airplanes
  • HHG - place around laptops or carry with you when traveling on airplanes
  • BioZen - another device to apply to technology devices 
  • Scalar energy devices (aka, Orgone Pyramids) which can likely be found at local metaphysical stores or online to create a more harmonious EMF environment

Electrical appliances:

  • Reduce the use of electrical applicances in children's rooms
  • Unplug all unused devices in children's rooms and around the house
  • Limit the use of baby monitors and cameras if possible, or suppor the environment with recommended devices to neutralize the EMF exposure
  • Limit the use and exposure to electrical devices around the house (TV, microwaves, refrigerator, etc)
  • "Un-smart" your home. Go back to the basics and reduce the "smart" technology in your home
  • Add more crystals and natural elements into your home for a more balanced EMF environment

Product recommendations:

  • Air purifier - reduce indoor air pollution and support the ionic balance
  • Rest shield - promotes a 20 foot radius of relaxation and neutralizes the effects of EMF in your home environment

Routers, WiFi, Modems:

  • Properly hard wire your internet connection to any device set to WiFi
  • Turn off your WiFi router at night while you sleep
  • Remove/relocate routers and modems out of and away from bedrooms
  • Reinforce the environment with scalar energy devices and shungite crystals

Product Recommedations:

  •  Scalar disk - place near these devices as a stronger option for reducing the harmful EMF effects  

Smart Meters:

  • Opt-out of your Smart-Meter for gas & electric readings. Return back to analogue system with manual readings. This is especially relevant if your smart meter is mounted on the outside wall of someone's bedroom. 

Product Recommendations:

  • We opted out of our smart meter so I do not have experience with the EMF protection devices, however look up Faraday Cage for Smart Meters and or place an Orgone Pyramid on your Smart Meter in the interrim. 

Additional solutions and support for reducing harmful EMF exposure:

  • Spend time outdoors and technology free. As mentioned above, being in Nature is a quick way to bring more balance and harmony to the body and natural electromagnetic field. 
  • Bring Nature indoors by adding more plants, crystals, water features, candles, music, aromatherapy, etc to create a more peaceful environment. 
  • Himalayan salt lamps are a nice way to bring healing negative ions to our indoor landscape.
  • Consider the Universal Earthing mat and other Earthing devices to promote grounding and healing.
  • Place an EMF balancer on the electrical panel near the main breaker to balance the EMF radiating to all electrical outlets and devices plugged into the outlets of your home or building.
  • Eat foods high in antioxidants to repair cellular stress from EMF pollution. Juice Plus is high quality product that is proven to be bioavailable (enters the bloodstream), reduce oxidative stress and inflamation, and repairs and protects our DNA. 

EMFs & Colic

For babies presenting with “colic” and if you’ve explored other remedies without (much) success, then consider modifying the EMF environment to experience more of the calm, loving, heart-centered, naturally occurring EMF and less of the harmful, damaging, stressful, EMF exposure. A baby overexposed to EMF pollution may feel stressed out with ongoing crying as a way of releasing this chaotic energy. Consider exploring some of these alternatives and see if you and your baby feel more of the ease and wellness benefits. 

In the Embodied Mama Program, I guide women and mothers through a journey into the 5 elements as a way to enhance her inner state of bliss and wholeness which promotes wellbeing within which ultimately benefits those around her with her high vibrational electromagnetic field! Discover more about the Embodied Mama Program, here

In closing, I hope this information feels empowering and supportive. There is a lot of information on this topic that can create more chaos in our bodies and thus affect our overall state of wellbeing. If you feel out of center when exploring this topic, then consider putting this information away until you feel neutral or empowered about exploring resources and products that can support you and your family in a thriving uplifting way. Of course, always defer to your inner wisdom before my experiences and recommendations. Please trust your own research and intuitive guidance at all times before any recommendations I may have shared in this blog. 

Blessings mama!


Note: I am a brand sponsor for Juice Plus. All other products are recommended based on my own research and experience, not affiliation. Additonally, all statements made within this article are based on my own research, opinion and or statements made by the companies themselves. I encourage every reader to do their own research and make their own informed decisions.