What the Beauty Industry Does NOT Want You To Know

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The beauty industry is a booming business believed to sell us products and services that keep us looking and living our best, most beautiful, self. The fundamental belief of this industry is that something about ourselves is lacking and needs improvement. When we resonate with this false belief, we buy into what these companies are selling in hopes to fix ourselves and make ourselves more beautiful. This blog is to shed light on True Beauty, the ultimate beauty ingredient that lives within you! I am not suggesting to stop using your favorite beauty products, rather I’m inviting an alternative, upgraded perspective on how to allow your natural inner beauty to shine!

The secret ingredient to all beauty products is You! The more you are in alignment with your true nature the more your inner light shines through and is perceived as beautiful. Therefore, your favorite beauty products are actually illuminating and reflecting your inner beauty. Simply put, beauty on the outside reflects beauty on the inside. As within, so without. Therefore, the path to ultimate beauty starts within. Below you will discover how to align to your inner beauty through the five elements.

To begin, I want to highlight the Earth element and this layer of beauty as the most physically dense of the five elements which makes this the most accessible expression of embodied beauty. This also explains why it is more typically accepted to focus on beauty products or beautifying experiences that enhance physical beauty. However, you are more than a physical being, you are multidimensional and when you integrate all of the levels of your being you become even more radiant. These non-physical aspects of yourself are subtle, yet necessary to integrate in the process of illuminating the light of your soul and radiating your True Beauty.

Earth Beauty

The Earth element governs the physical body. The physical body functions in direct proportion to the quality of care you provide for your physical wellbeing. Consider those days when you did not care optimally for yourself physically and how you may have experienced the body as tired, sluggish, heavy, unmotivated, and such. Then recall how you feel when you extend adequate attention and care for your physical wellbeing through exercise, sleep, self-care, organic nutrition, non-toxic beauty products, and so on. When applied consistently, these self-care practices generate longterm wellness. When you embody physical health, then you exude more physical beauty. Not because of your level of fitness, stylish appearance, or healthy habits, rather because you cared for your body and got into optimal resonance with this one element and aspect of your essence. When you observe someone who you perceive to be physically beautiful, consider this a reflection of your own inner beauty and an invitation to optimally care for and shine your own Earth Beauty. 

Water Beauty

The Water element governs the emotional body, your feeling body. When your emotional body is overly engaged with, or repressing, the feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, sadness, or anger then you are obstructing this flow of your inner beauty. To feel your emotions is how you heal your emotions. When your emotional body is honored and all emotions are welcomed, not just the preferred emotions, then you reconnect to this powerful source of wisdom within. Recall an interaction when you “stuffed” your emotions or the opposite, played victim to your emotions. You may look back at those moments, wishing you showed up more authentically and emotionally attuned because you know deep within this is the highest expression of your emotional nature. Conversely, feel into a time where you were completely vulnerable and honestly communicated your feelings. In this experience, you may have had the feeling of fulfillment, love, and a deeper level of connection to yourself and those around you. Living in connection to your subtle water element and emotional intelligence is an embodied expression of Water Beauty. Dare to practice showing up in relationship with emotional honesty and feel the flow of your Water Beauty. 

Fire Beauty

The Fire element governs the energy body, your vitality. Consider the Sun, a life force energy sustaining all of life on this planet, this same source of energy lives within you. When you engage in activities that you enjoy you are fueling your life-force energy. However, when you participate in activities that you do not enjoy you are depleting your life-force energy. Regarding beauty, when your energy reserves are depleted your light is dimmed and this Fire aspect of your inner beauty is weakened. Yet, when you are engaged in life in a way that fuels your energy you live from this lit up, activated, motivated energy source that shines bright and effortlessly inspires others to embody this source of inner beauty. Dare to start saying yes to activities that light you up and saying no, or delegate, the tasks that drain your energy. Practice spending more time around the people that exude vitality, this aspect of inner beauty, to stoke more of your own Fire Beauty.  

Air Beauty

The Air element governs the mental body, your mindset. The universal law, ‘what you focus on grows’, applies to this aspect of beauty and the air element. Have you spent time around people who focus on the negative and the taken note of how that affected your own state of mind? Conversely, consider how you feel when you have an uplifting conversation with a friend, you read something inspiring, you engage with your creative expressions, and so on. When you are actively participating in life through the lens of positivity and open curiosity, without judgment, criticism, shame or blame, then you reconnect to your subtle form of Air Beauty. When you or others embody this aspect of inner beauty, you may notice that you get lost in the moment, bypass the logical mind, are creatively inspired, and feel peace and acceptance within. Embodying this level of beauty is magnetic and inspiring. Dare to start a gratitude practice and begin uplifting your thoughts today. 

Ether Beauty

The Ether element governs the spiritual body, your essential nature. This can be explained as the Oneness that is uniquely expressed through you and simultaneously through all of life. The Ether element is always and effortlessly present and is accessed by deepening your sacred connection to the subtle realms within your physical body. In each moment, you have the option of choosing to turn toward this source of wisdom that originates from within, or not. When you choose to connect to the source within that contains the Whole, you pierce through the veils of illusion and see through the dense layers of limiting beliefs (air), blocked energy (fire), stuck emotions (water) and physical imbalances (earth). You open, you allow the present moment to meet you, and you experience an embodiment of True Beauty within yourself and another, and the two become One. These moments may be fleeting, be when experienced they are transformative. The more you practice embodiment, the more you bring to life the True Beauty within yourself which effortlessly opens the possibility of others awakening to their unique expression of True Beauty.  

Rather than compare levels of beauty, may it be a blessing to witness beauty whenever and however it is reflected. Considering that the beauty you see is your own beauty being reflected back to you through another person, place, thing or experience. Witnessing beauty is the reminder to turn inward, to connect to your unique essence, and to allow your highest, present moment expression of natural beauty to shine!