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Welcome Home, Mama! 

Thank you for trusting the wisdom within that brought you here and is guiding you home to your radiant center! 

This is an introduction to The Embodied Mama program and how to bring more balance, beauty and joy into your life through deepening your connection to the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether!

Join me in this 2-part video where I begin by explaining what it means to be an Embodied Mama and then enjoy the self-care embodiment practice through the elements that follows.

Video notes:

  • :20 sec. - What is an Embodied Mama?
  • 1:10 min. - Who benefits from The Embodied Mama Program?
  • 3:00 min. - How working with the elements supports Wholeness and Happiness
  • 5:50 min. - Overview of options on how to work through the elements
  • 7:12 min. - 5 Element mini-embodiment practice introduction
  • 8:02 min. - Centering
  • 9:10 min. - Earth element embodiment
  • 11:04 min. - Water element embodiment
  • 13:38 min. - Fire element embodiment
  • 16:35 min. - Air element embodiment
  • 19:55 min. - Ether element embodiment
  • 22:00 min. - Closing

The Embodied Mama Map 

A visual guide to support your exploration into the 5 elements.

Embodied Mama Map5.jpg

The Embodied Mama Program

I would love to share with you 2 ways you can continue your journey through the elements and into a more thriving and joyful YOU!

  1. Enroll in the Embodied Mama Virtual Program Self-Paced Home Study Program
  2. Enroll in the Embodied Mama Personalized 1-on-1 Program to receive 6 weeks of individualized support with Christy Evans

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Blessings Beautiful Mama!