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Welcome Home, Mama! 

Thank you for trusting the wisdom within that brought you here and is guiding you home to your radiant center! 

I'm Christy Evans, a fellow mama who went from overwhelm to ease and I'm passionate about showing other women how to create the same results! We begin by setting the foundation. Enjoy this page of free content which includes:

30 minue Earth Element Meditation Video

Downloadable Embodied Mama Map

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Earth meditation video

Welcome to the Earth element, the densest of all elements and the element that governs the physical realm. The Earth Element connects you to your physical body, where you reconnect to the gift of stillness and the source of manifestation. In this 30 minute Earth Embodiment Meditation you will be guided inward, where all new beginnings take root. Prior to watching this video, you are invited to pause and feel into your body wisdom to clarify an intention that you would like to see manifest in your life. Hold this intention while practicing this Earth element meditation. 

The Embodied Mama Map 

The physical realm is made up of the 5 Elemental forces: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. To be harmonious in relationship with others we need balance within ourselves first. You too can cultivate balance using the wisdom of the 5 elements. The Embodied Mama Map is a visual guide through the 5 elements to a thriving, heart-centered, You!   

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FREE Yoga & Meditation Videos with Christy

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continue your journey to reveal more of your inner radiance, live a balanced, healthy life, and thrive in your soul's purpose!


Blessings Beautiful Mama!



Your Guide,

Christy Evans