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The Embodied Mama Program

Enroll in the Embodied Mama Virtual Self-Paced Home Study Program OR Apply for the 1-on-1 Weekly Support Program with Christy to deepen your Holistic Embodiment.

Private Sessions with Christy

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Intuitive Astrology, 60 minutes

>> Empowerment for the Sensitive/Empathic Mama <<

Feeling curious to know yourself more deeply? Do you ever wonder “Who am I?” or “What is my purpose?” or “Why do I feel everyone and everything?”

Dive into an Intuitive Astrology Reading with Christy and discover more about how your soul is communicating with you through your unique sensitivities (aka, your super powers)!

In this Intuitive Astrology Reading you will receive and discover:

  • validation of your intuition as expressed through your astrological birth chart

  • specific practices to deepen your connection with your unique intuitive gifts & super powers

  • clarity on your soul purpose and intuitive coaching to support your journey

  • self-care resources to support a healthy, balanced nervous system

  • feelings of clarity and connection to what matters most in your life and who you are here to be

Astrology for Children, 30 Minutes

>> For Mamas of a newborn through 7 year old <<

Astrology for Children is a gift for both, parent and child. A childhood astrology reading is a powerful parenting tool as it informs the parent who their child is here to be as it is written in the stars!

In this 30 minute reading with Christy you will receive a lifetime of insights about your child, such as:

  • understanding your child’s personality type

  • discovering your child’s unique life purpose

  • tapping into your child’s core strenghts

  • recognizing themes your child came here to learn

  • feeling as prepared as possible to help our little stars shine brightly!

  • One child per 30 minute session

Distance Energy Healing, 30 Minutes

>> Whole Body Rest & Reset for Hard-Working Mamas <<

You know when you need to rest but your to-do list tells you to “keep going”? Schedule this 30 minute tune-up to hold yourself accountable for some nourishing “me time" during your mama-filled days.

Carve out this time to tune-in live with Christy for an intentional pause to recalibrate your whole body. During this live distance energy healing you will experience:

  • energy clearing through each of your 5 bodies (physical, emotional, energetic, mental & spiritual)

  • healing space to rest & restore your nervous system to feel ongoing presence and calm throughout your day

  • insights into energetic imbalances and self-care resources for harmonizing your primary body systems

After signing up for a private session with Christy you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

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“Christy is the type of person that naturally and genuinely brings out the best in others, and desires others to shine.”

“Whether you need affirmation(s), guidance, support and/or to discover your soul purpose, Christy is here to speak this into YOU! Her insightfulness and intuitiveness are both remarkable! I know she will inspire and help you understand the depth of your potential. Christy is the type of person that naturally and genuinely brings out the best in others, and desires others to shine.” - Kelley H.

Online Yoga & Meditation Classes with Christy

Bring self-care to You! Join Christy Evans online for empowering yoga classes and nourishing meditation classes at an affordable price. Christy's Elemental Series of yoga and meditation classes on Grokker  supports deeper embodiment and balance in daily life. This element series of classes on Grokker provides a synergistic effect when done in collaboration with private coaching or the Embodied Mama program. 

Grokker provides enthusiasts with thousands of online yoga, fitness and cooking classes taught by experts from around the world. Enjoy over 25 yoga and meditation classes led by Christy Evans with Grokker. Start your 14 day free trial with the option to become a Grokker member at a discounted price. Grokker checkout discount ($9/month) code: christye9monthly. 

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"The genuine compassion and curiosity Christy exudes for everyone she meets is refreshing and rare."

Christy Evans is a beacon of light. She has the knowledge of a sage and the laughter of a child. The genuine compassion and curiosity she exudes for everyone she meets is refreshing and rare. If you are looking to be guided in the most loving and effective way, look no further than Christy Evans. She will treat you like a friend who wants only the best for you and will give you a dose of reality when needed. - Julie Rader


Everyone who meets Christy feels an immediate connection and know that they are seen and heard."

"Christy has been my spiritual teacher for almost 8 years and such an influence in my life. She has such a deep practice and in every class she reveals another nugget of wisdom.  She brings light, love and lila to every class. She is a person you can trust and is filled with compassion. Everyone who meets Christy feels an immediate connection and know that they are seen and heard." - Cindy C.  

Not Sure Where to Start or Want to Chat Mama to Mama?

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Previous Training + Experience:


Masters Degree, Speech Language Pathology at James Madison University

Yoga Teacher Training + Continued Education

500 hour Mukti Yoga School Teacher Training with Julie Rader; Senior Teacher-Co-led 200 hour Foundation & Chakra Mukti Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia

200 hour Anusara Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman & Noah Maze

Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner

Non-dual Shiva Tantric Studies, 6 month Immersion with Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis

Grokker, Online Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Global Yoga Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Trainings

Earthquakes MLS Soccer team yoga instructor, 5 seasons

Nike Yoga Camp Instructor

Art of Vinyasa Flow live training with Seane Corn

Silent Retreat, Mt Madonna Retreat Center with Adyashanti

Youth Yoga Teacher Training with Christina Enneking

Sacred Pilgrimage, South India with Janet Stone & Hareesh Wallis

Conscious Communication + Mindset Workshops

The Tools, Conscious Communication live workshop with Grace Clayton

Loving What Is, Byron Katie live workshop with Byron Kate, “The Work”

“The Work”, private coaching with Todd Smith

Language Alchemy, Setting Intentions live workshop with Alejandra Siroka

Happiness Mindset Coaching with Steffani Lefevour

Shift Happens, live workshop with Robert Holden

Trinfinity Academy, online training with Bentinho Massaro

Conscious Healing, private coaching with Kiran Trace

Healing and Metaphysical Arts Trainings + Certifications + Continued Education

The 4 Elements "4E" Process with Debra Silverman

200 hour Triloka Medical Qigong Training with Gideon & Ana Enz

Level 2, Esoteric Astrology Training with Debra Silverman

Urban Priestess Mystery School Training with Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner

Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage, Glastonbury England with Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner

Reiki Certification, Level 1 with Cindy Hernandez

Angel Card Reader Certification with Doreen Virtue

Wild Reiki & Shamanic Healing, Animal Communication Training with Rose De Dan

Language Alchemy, Connected Communication, Level 1 with Alejandra Siroka

HeartMath, HeartMastery, Esalen Workshop with Sheva Carr

HeartMath, private coaching series with Sheva Carr

Amanda Linette Meder, Intuitive coaching with Amanda Linette Meder

Holowave Vibrational Healing with Masha Lavina

Business Training

Sacred Client Enrollment Training with Sage Lavine

Personal Brand Strategy Training with Nicolette Stinson

Life Training

Mama of a toddler! :)

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