Four Tips For De-Stressing

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1. Sunshine: Have you received your daily dose of sunshine today? 5-10 minutes of sunshine a day is essential for your health and well being. Sunshine is known to benefit the cardiovascular system, reduce inflammation and balance the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). Allow your time in the sun be free of distractions. Take a few moments out of your day to sit outside, close your eyes, and soak up a few peaceful minutes of sunshine!

2. Nature: Nature is fuel for the soul and is a great place to retreat when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Being outside in nature nourishes the body, strengthens the immune system and awakens more vitality and energy from within. Find a tree to lean against, walk barefoot in the grass, or visit a local body of water ~ nature will nurture you in the ways you may have neglected to do so yourself.

3. Breathe: Our breath not only releases carbon dioxide, it also release stress, tension and worry. When we are in stress, our sympathetic nervous system is in fight or flight mode, increasing more cortisol (stress hormone) into your system. Connecting to your breath is both a way to strengthen and calm our nervous system, initiating a relaxation effect in the body. Try it now: pause. relax. take a long, deep breath in through your nose and then out through your nose. repeat 2 more times. How do you feel after your third deep breath?

4. Me time: self care is not just for your own mental sanity it actually also reduces stress hormones in the body. And by making time for you and doing activities that you enjoy you can raise your endorphins and feel good while doing so! What will you do for yourself today?